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How can I register for the course?

 Go to the courses page and click on the course you want to do. You will create a user name, a password and provide an email address. To take the course you will add it to your cart and pay the required fee. Once payment is approved you will be able to take the course. The course will be available under your profile page. To access the course you sign in with the user name and password you created to register.

What materials are included in the fee?

Everything you need is provided on-line. You will have access to a variety of learning materials, depending on which course you take. These materials will include videos, written text and a downloadable worksheet. We also include links to other sites as additional information that may be of interest to you.

How can I access the course?

Once you have created an account and paid your fee, you will be able to access the course on any computer or mobile device, provided you have an internet connection. You access the course by signing in with the user name and password for your account. The courses you have purchased will be listed on your profile page.

Who can take these courses?

Anyone can take these courses. They do not require pre-requisite learning. To get the most from your learning it is a good idea to be able to implement what you have learnt.

Do I have to pay by credit card?

No, but credit card is the easiest way to pay and the course will be available immediately. You can also pay via Bank Transfer or you can request an invoice (generally used for businesses), and once the money is received in our account the course will be available to you.

What level of training is this?

The training is equivalent to attending a seminar. You will learn tips and techniques related to that topic. It should be viewed as a component of your individual learning programme.

Do I get a qualification?

No, there is no qualification with this training. You will get a certificate of completion once you have successfully completed all the quizzes in the course.

How are the courses taught?

 The courses are taught entirely on-line. Each course has 5-6 lessons related to a sub topic. You will learn by watching videos, reading text and completing a worksheet.

What currency is used?

The fees are quoted in New Zealand dollars. The quoted fee includes NZ GST.

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