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The world of learning is changing as more and more becomes available on-line. We are seeing the establishment of social learning, where people are learning via content on their social media channels and via on-line courses. We want to make training accessible to everyone- in bite-sized, affordable pieces. 

Already well known locally for our coaching, consulting and training, our team at Implement are bringing their practical and user friendly approach to online learning, making courses available to learners looking to upskill in a way that is flexible, responsive and provides real value for money.

We are already active in the social space, actively sharing content via our social media accounts and the blog for our face to face business. We will share content via the blog for this site and we have developed courses for you to complete on-line.

We have started with some of our most popular courses and will add more over time. We will also add webinars to the mix, once our on-line learning community has grown a little.

We hope you will join us on this journey of learning.

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For Individual Learners

Implement Online is designed for individuals who wish to learn new skills for the workplace (and for life). We have developed courses with cost in mind and have created affordable training that can be completed in your own time.

Each course is designed to take approximately 1 hour to complete and is made up of 5-6 lessons. You can come back to the lessons at any time to complete them.

The courses will complement other learning you undertake and are designed to cater to a variety of learning styles, in the same way our face to face offerings are. Whether you are right brain or left brain, a convergent or divergent thinker, visual spatial or auditory sequential, you will engage with a variety of learning materials in order to achieve your learning outcomes.

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For Organisations

These courses have been developed with individuals in mind but employers can purchase courses for  staff with a credit card or by contacting us for an invoice. If you wish to purchase a large number then contact us to discuss discounted pricing and delivery options. (for example you can purchase coupons to be used as needed)

These courses can fit well into your company learning and development processes. You can use them to supplement your face to face coaching/training by asking your team to complete the on-line component in their own time and then facilitating group or one-on-one discussions about what they have learnt, what goals they can achieve and how you, as their employer, can support them.

The courses are designed to challenge the participant to think about their own experiences and to develop goals for personal development.

You can also contact us to develop courses specifically for you; with either our content or yours. If you have an idea of what you want to achieve, get in touch and we can discuss options and develop a plan.

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Secure Online Payment

This website uses secure online payment systems and the latest security to protect your transactions.

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.

You may pay via credit card or via on-line banking. Once payment has cleared the course will be available for you to complete. Once available, the courses will be listed on your profile page.



About Implement

Implement Online is an online training provider.

The courses are developed  by experienced trainers and subject experts.

Implement Online is a division of Implement Limited.
New Plymouth 4310
New Zealand
Ph: 06-769 9500

Why Choose Us

Our Promise

  • Training will add value to organisations we work with
  • Participants will develop knowledge and skills they can readily implement
  • Our on-line courses will be easy to use and provide good learning
  • We are only a phone call or an email away for advice and suport
  • Participants will have fun while they learn
  • Training will be cost effective

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