Having the proper food safety practices in place is critical.

3 tips for improving food safety management practices

Food safety protocols are the backbone of any good food service business. Without proper management functions in place, there is ample opportunity to get customers and employees sick via foodborne illnesses.

According to the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, around 200,000 New Zealanders are affected by food-related illnesses annually.

Luckily, a little education goes a long way. By simply studying up on your food safety basics, you can protect your customers AND your business. Let's take a look at three quick tips for improving food safety management.

Proper hand washing is one of the most basic food safety requirements.Proper hand washing is one of the most basic food safety requirements.

1. Abide by the four C's

The four C's are the foundation of any good food safety guidelines. Here is a little bit about each one:

  • Clean: Make sure to always wash your hands thoroughly as proper hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent harmful pathogens from contaminating your food. Beyond clean hands, you should always make sure your cooking space and utensils are sanitised before preparing your dishes.
  • Cook: Food must be cooked through to kill any harmful bacteria, raw and cooked food should be stored separately and handled with completely different utensils
  • Cover: Food should be covered whenever it is not being prepared or consumed.
  • Chill: Do not leave food at room temperature for over two hours. The warmer the room, the quicker the food should be stored in the refrigerator to avoid bacteria growth.

2. Standardise your practices

Making your food safety practices uniform can help ensure all of your employees are on the same page. Do your best to make a distinct protocol for all food processes. Print it out and communicate it thoroughly to help avoid inconsistencies.

Do your best to make a distinct protocol for all food processes.

3. Pick your products wisely

Would you rather use six cleaning products to sufficiently clean your kitchen or just three? When approaching food safety, try to make the process simple without sacrificing effectiveness. Today, there are plenty of products that effectively take care of multiple cleaning aspects. Find products that eliminate a variety of bacteria with fast kill times to get the job done faster.

For professionals looking to brush up on food safety best practices, Implement offers a comprehensive course that outlines the core lessons needed for safe food preparation. To learn more, check out our course offerings page today!