On a journey with on-line learning

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I..,

I took the road less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference ” Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken. 


We have been on a path to deliver on-line learning with this site, which is a new addition to our organisational development practice. It has been developed with the aim of providing a resource for people to develop skills needed for the workplace. We have embarked on an adventure of trying out new things (for us), and developing material that we are proud of.

The vision for the site is to create a learning community, with a range of learning resources. But like any journey it begins with the first step.

Our first step has been the development of personal development e-learning modules and we will be adding many more. Our current project is writing a series of programmes with the working title “Navigating the world of Work”. Managing Yourself, our time management programme, is the first, and very shortly we will add the next module about professionalism at work.

We are also beginning a series of blogs related to the topics we cover in our courses, providing more tips and ideas for personal development.

To us, lifelong learning isn’t a cliche. It is the way that individuals adapt and survive in an ever changing world. It is the way that businesses continue to thrive and grow when their markets change. It is what we can help you to do through this e-learning site.

The modules we are creating are a great way to learn, to challenge the current way you do things to develop a better way.  Learning to be more productive with Managing yourself is a great place to start.