First day at a new office? Try to fit in the right way.

How to conduct yourself professionally at a new job

The first week at a new job is always an exciting yet nerve-racking time. On one hand, you have an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and kick-start your career development, which is fantastic. On the other hand, it's hard not to be nervous. What if you do or say the wrong thing in the very beginning? You don't want to start off your new job experience on the wrong foot.

You want to instill confidence that you know what you're doing and are ready to fit in.

It's a lot easier to be confident, however, if you know a thing or two about how to carry yourself in your first few days on the job. You don't want to strut around the office acting like you own the place; arrogance is not a good look, especially for someone who just arrived. You do, however, want to instil confidence that you know what you're doing and are ready to fit in.

The trick is finding that balance. If you show up to a new job with the right combination of self-assuredness and modesty, you'll be on the right track to succeed.

Fit in quickly, but don't force it

There's a difficult balance to be struck when you first arrive at a new office. You want to fit in, but you also don't want to look like you're trying too hard. Finding this balance is an important part of employee development.

To figure it out, TechRepublic recommends being a quick study, but without rushing. This means the moment you arrive in a new office, you should be absorbing all sorts of information. Learn who's who, what their jobs are and what sorts of projects they manage. Without being pushy, look for ways to play a role in people's work and be helpful when there's an opportunity to do so.

Rushing this process can be harmful because you don't want to overstep any boundaries. When it's your first week at a new job, you want to stay in your lane and not offend anyone by trying to intrude in their work unnecessarily. Look for signals that it's time to assert yourself and then do so confidently, yet cautiously.

Contribute to a respectful workplace

The most productive workplaces are the ones that are respectful and collaborative. If people respect each other's thoughts and opinions, it's much easier for them to work together and achieve more as a team than separately. This is a key concept in many online learning courses.

Contribute to a culture of respect in every new workplace you enter.Contribute to a culture of respect in every new workplace you enter.

The Australian Public Service Commission has noted that building a respectful workplace has many benefits. Companies that do so tend to enjoy improved employee morale, heightened job satisfaction, stronger teamwork and less turnover on the staff. It's important, therefore, for any new employee to contribute to this culture of respect from day one. They should both show others respect and strive to earn it for themselves.

Take courses that will ease the transition

If you're worried about how you'll fit into a new work environment, it might be helpful to take development courses that will help you refine your skills and make that transition easier. At Implement Online, we are proud to offer such courses. You can learn all sorts of professional tips and tricks including how to dress, talk, act and collaborate with others.

We pledge to offer training courses that add value for everyone. We want individual employees to improve their skills and companies to do better overall as a result of their improved workers. Talk to us today about how we can make all of this happen and more.